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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

On 10 September 2010 six runners will set out from New York with the intention of reaching LA b

Hi folks this is Kester member of the support crew, aka ‘subway’ due to my propensity to require more sandwiches than the runners. I am the driver of the rear vehicle, a Land Rover Discovery. My role is to transport and protect the runners. This involves spending 10-12 hours driving behind them at 5 mph every day and a need for absolute precision, accuracy, intense concentration and massive amounts of endurance.

As one of the few civvies on the team I bring a much needed level common sense and superior driving skills that are otherwise lacking amongst the Marines!

Day 11 started with a much needed lie-in to 5.30am and morale amongst the team seemed high. The route started at approximately 7.15am with assistance from a West Virginia State Trooper. The first police escort since New Jersey was gratefully accepted. The absence of Paul ‘Toady’ Shearsby and Charles ‘Chunks’ Padilla from the convoy today was a blessing as it meant that there was no one to constantly tell me what to do.

The route was approximately a 63 mile trip from Marlington through Monongahelda National Park to Summersville, climbing to almost 4000 feet in the Appalachian mountains. It meant another incredibly difficult day for the runners which was slightly compensated for by a third day of views, beautful scenery, nice weather and friendly locals. Highlights of my day were seeing miniature horses, Jamie getting chased by dangerous dogs and once again thousands of bikers.

Without Captain Slow aka Chunks it was a pretty smooth day. Damian started off the route not surprisingly it was very flat and his chain came off at the first sign of a hill … Joking aside he had a tough gradient to cope with on both of his runs … For a change. Seriously these hills have teeth as well as eyes. Jamie ‘Colgate’ Jobson smashed out two mountains as well as stinking out the vehicle as usual. Lloyd ‘Brokeback’ Fenner didn’t actually flash during his two stints which made a refreshing change. His video diaries are always entertaining to listen to as well. MD as usual spent most of the day sleeping in the passenger seat but did make everyone’s day with a sterling effort in preparing the sandwiches.

An all round great day only slightly spoiled by an hours trip from the end point to find the campsite which was only 2 miles away!

Bye for now

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Monday, October 20, 2008

NY International Movers international moving company NYC

NY International Movers
international moving company NYC

Sea & Air International, headquartered in New York, is in the business of packing, storing, moving and unpacking people’s lives and we try our best to assure we are the first choice international mover for individuals, families and corporations. We set this high standard by having designed specialized international mover solutions with an outstanding track record of success. You will not find a more detailed and professional international moving company in New York or around the world to best manage your upcoming international relocation. Sea & Air International not only moves household goods, we also handle corporate relocations and international shipments, as well as, logistics and hospitality needs. Our unparalleled commitment to quality and service has come to represent the Sea & Air International Advantage. We do more than move your belongings...we move your life. We’ve proven time and again that trust is essential to a successful moving experience.

Sea & Air International has taken the guesswork out of your preparation of your overseas move by providing information on a variety of topics including moving with children, pets, and electronics.

Moving with Children

  • Talk to your children and explain about the upcoming international move. Pay attention to their reactions and let them ask questions.
  • Include your children in making plans for the overseas move.
  • Help your children learn about the new area.
  • Let them help decide how their new rooms are to be arranged and decorated.
  • Encourage children to exchange addresses and phone numbers with their friends.
  • Have each child help pack a special box with his or her most treasured possessions—they can even decorate the outside of the box so they can quickly identify it in your new home.
  • Take a "family break" as soon as the major unpacking is done. Don't try to do everything when you arrive.
  • Parents should spend time after the international move listening to each child about new schools and new friends.
  • Enroll each child in activities similar to those he or she was involved with at the old home to keep continuity.
  • If your move involves suburban to rural, or vice versa, caution children about new situations they will face.

Moving Electronics

Sea & Air International can facilitate the transportation of all your analog and digital electronic equipment.

Moving Your Computer

Before moving your personal computer, there are certain procedures to follow which will protect your system from mechanical failure or damage due to normal physical shock which occurs during transport. Taking the following steps will help your electronics to arrive safely.

  • Before moving computer components, back up all software and information. Once your drives are secure, you should turn the system to OFF and remove all cables from the back of the unit.
  • The original packing box your system came in is the best choice. Rigid Styrofoam packing material will hold the system securely in place. In the event your original box is not available, Sea & Air International will provide sturdy packing materials.

Moving a Printer

  • The original packing box and material is the best choice for transport because the Styrofoam is customized to fit each printer.
  • If you are moving a laser printer, remove the ink cartridge as the ink may spill and contaminate the laser engine.

Moving a CD or DVD player

Before moving your CD or DVD player, there are certain procedures to follow which will protect your system from mechanical failure or damage due to normal physical shock which occurs during transport. If the following tips are used prior to moving, your CD and/or DVD player should arrive safely at destination.

  • Remember to remove all CD/DVDs from your player before packing.
  • If you don't have the owner's manual (try to download it), draw a diagram of the wiring PRIOR TO disconnection.
  • Some CD/DVD players have a transport screw under the unit. Tighten it before packing.
  • Remove any stacker or multi-play cartridges prior to packing and wrap individually.
  • Close CD/DVD trays.
  • The best way to move your CD/DVD player is in the original box with the original packing. In the event that you do not have the original box and/or packing, use a box big enough to cover the entire unit with enough room for packing material. The packing material should snugly fill the excess room in the box so that the unit will not move around.
  • If you have a remote control, be sure to wrap it separately, but pack it in the same box. All wiring should also go in the box.

Moving a Big Screen TV and Other Electronics

Before moving your CD or DVD player, there are certain procedures to follow which will protect your system from mechanical failure or damage due to normal physical shock which occurs during transport. If the following tips are used prior to moving, your CD and/or DVD player should arrive safely at destination.

  • If you no longer have the original carton and packing materials, carefully pack the item in a sturdy carton so that packing material fits snugly around the item and fills the excess room in the box.
  • Pack all cords and remote controls in the same box as the item.
  • Draw a simple diagram or color-code wires before disconnecting to make reconnecting much simpler.
  • Complete a list of all electronic components and computer equipment with serial numbers of each piece prior to moving them.

Sea & Air International is committed to:

  1. Providing clarity of our international mover costing which means you know there are no hidden charges.
  2. Communicating the most accurate and timely advice before, during and after your international move.
  3. Responding to clients' needs by assigning a dedicated, experienced international mover representative.
  4. Delivering higher standards as an international mover across all points of contact for our clients.
  5. Offering the most experienced packing crews who use the correct packing techniques and materials.
  6. Meeting our clients' rapidly changing requirements by continuously investing in new technologies.
  7. Maintaining an in-depth international mover training program for new associates.

Competitive Pricing

Our policy as an international mover is to be competitive and we do so while providing professionalism and affordability. Transit times naturally vary from one continent to another and we will do our best to make sure your shipment arrives on time, on budget. As a full-service international mover, we offer a variety of service choices allowing the price to vary accordingly. We work with you to match your needs, and your budget, to the appropriate service for your next international move.

Clarity of Communication

At Sea & Air International, each client is a top priority. That means everyone at Sea & Air International goes the extra mile to explain the international moving process, answer questions, and meet every customer need every step of the way. We continuously look for innovative ways to be even more responsive, more efficient. The Sea & Air International website is full of helpful information about international moving-from how to prepare, to the customs process, to tips for relocating to a new environment.

One Contact in international moving

We recognize not all international moving companies are the same. We believe each international move is different and has its own specific requirements. We are sensitive to, and look for those special requirements to be sure that your needs are fully understood and that we are prepared to provide the services required to assure your international move is seamless. You will be assigned a Sea & Air representative to oversee your move, who will keep you informed every step of the way. As a notable international mover, Sea & Air International has the benefit of decades of experience in international moving and shipping. You get unsurpassed knowledge from our team, each of whom is dedicated to treating your overseas move and your shipment as if it were her own. Sea & Air International has carefully chosen and fostered strong and wide-ranging relationships with international moving service providers around the world. Rest assured, with Sea & Air International as you overseas mover, you will have one contact who knows everything about your move. You will deal only with your Sea & Air representative, who will coordinate everything from start to finish, communicating with you throughout the process until your move is complete and you are totally satisfied.

Higher Standards as a full service international mover

Genuine compassion sets Sea & Air International apart as an international moving company, and our attention to detail brings everything together as a notable international mover. From the very moment of contacting a Sea & Air representative we will do our best to make sure your upcoming international move is easy for you. You will not find a more detailed and professional international moving company in New York or around the world to best manage your overseas move. We set this high standard by having developed specialized international mover solutions with an outstanding track record of success.

Packing Crews

All of our packing crews come with extensive experience in packing as well as a full knowledge in the latest art crating materials. Wherever your international move takes you or requires, Sea & Air International can offer innovative overseas moving solutions to achieve the most effective and economical approach for crating and packaging. In addition to individuals and corporations, we have years of experience preparing and packing for some of the most notable museums and art galleries in the world. Using skill, care and attention, we use proven experiences of master packers, thus giving your personal possessions the best protection.

Constant Innovation in overseas moving

Our international moving services are designed to provide the resources needed to assist you with your overseas move. We are able to tailor our international moving services to provide a seamless solution to your overseas relocation. As a full-service international mover, Sea & Air International uses the latest technologies and facilities for making sure your belongings are safe, secure. We have state-of-the-art storage facilities that are climate-controlled with a large network of security cameras. We can hold your items for as short or as long as you like, coordinating around your schedule, not ours.

Our Staff

At the end of the day, you hire more than an international moving company. You hire the people who work there. We have not forgotten what helped make us a leading international mover in the United States: our team. All new hires are put through stringent training about international moving and about the latest technologies in the international moving service industry. We pass down years of experience to our employees so they can help make your overseas move a seamless one.

To learn more about how we can assist you with all of your moving needs, send us an e-mail, or call us toll free (877) 882.8886.

Sea & Air International is a Fully Licensed and Bonded OTI (Ocean Transportation Intermediary) international mover, and NVOCC licensed by the FMC (Federal Maritime Commission). Fully Licensed and Bonded FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) Sea & Air International is a registered member of the HHGFAA (Household Goods Forwarders Association of America, Inc.) and AMSA (American Moving and Storage Association).